mobile blogging howto

recently sonyericsson invites to teach their user how to moblog.

but, you dont need sonyericsson or any specific mobile phones to do moblog.
there are many ways and many apps can help you moblog.

i list some of them here, with their pluses and minuses:
  • sms. only available to some blog host and/or some mobile operator.
  • email. any devices can send email can do moblog. and lots of blog host support this
  • kablog. there's free j2me apps which can works on almost any mobile with j2me support. and also there's native symbian apps that cost you money. j2me version dont support tagging.
  • nokia lifeblog. free with some nokia mobiles. can be purchase for other symbian mobiles. cant save draft. no tagging.
  • shozu. this is my favorite. support tagging, photo/video uploads. cant post text only blog. too bad, the background process use quite some ram. but currently, i just disable it from startup and only use it when i want.
  • bluepulse
  • picoblogger from picostation.
  • yahoo zonetag.
  • wap browser. some blog host accessible from wap browser.
  • web browser (netfront/opera). but it'll be slow with too many images ads etc...
update: now i use picoblogger more often. coz, it can upload multiple photos in one blog.


zanim said…
Check out It lets you upload your pics from your cameraphone directly to your blog or flickr account. Its pretty cool!