new Thinstall @ Citrix iForum 2006

Thinstall is sort of a portable citrix ica client. one self contained exe file allow you to connect to any Citrix server from any windows computer without installation and without needing administrator right. so it will ease administrator a lot of trouble install and troubleshoot citrix installation.
it can be run in a locked down windows where users are given very limited right and cannot install other apps on their own. because, that's how it's design, its self contained and run without installation.

this quoted from their email:
"The upcoming release of Thinstall’s Application Virtualization Suite 3.0 will be showcased at iForum. For those who want a sneak peek, the product will be featured at Booth #510 where you can experience the unprecedented Enterprise Class Application Virtualization. "

mine, i put it in usb flash disk along with all configuration required to access my citrix server. so, anywhere i go with my flash disk, i can easily manage my citrix server from virtually any windows terminal.

i call it 'thin client in a flash'

i have not try out the new version. they said, it can run MS Office directly from usb flash disk. i really like to hands on this one.


Anonymous said…
Thinstall is a decent option, but there is at least one other way to tackle this issue. I have written a white paper on the subject that can be downloaded at the Colorado Citrix User Group website ( as well as an example implementation of one of the options ( said…
wow. gotta try this out!
Anonymous said…
can somebody make the FirefoxPortable--ICA-Client to use the older firefox 1.0.8 so that it can run smoothly on older computer?