To 3g or not to 3g

Operators are pushing their 3g service to users. With all marketing and promotion to attract users to use 3g.
Even the 2g gprs service is not yet widely used. So will all these 3g stuffs sell?
Or, the real question is What it takes to sell it?
There's TWO key to sell these kind of service:
1. User friendly
2. Cost

take the sms case. Sms is superb easy and not too expensive. The cost can be easily calculate by anyone. One simple cost per sms.
See also email. It practicaly cost nothing more than your internet cost. And also very easy that anyone can learn in few minutes.
When operators and phone makers can successfully target both those point, 3g WILL be next 'killer app' just like sms and email.

In the mean time i see 3g nothing more than faster internet connection.