the blogged snowball effect

most of us know about slashdot effect when a website being /.ed, dugg or farked. but most all of this are short spike that happen only for few days if not hours.

if you want to have lots of regular visitors to your site, you have to be /.ed every week or so... that is quite impossible mission to one man blogger or even for a dozens of good journalist team.

or, the other options is to be 'blogged' or 'blogrolled' by well known blogger.
  • blogged
when some well known bloggers have link to you in their blog posts, this will create some 'snowball effect' when other bloggers who usually read well known blogger to also link to you. unlike spike caused by slashdotted, this effect usually last longer than few days. sometimes, this effect is still rolling after few months after the first blog link to you.
  • blogrolled
when some well known bloggers link to you in their bloggroll. the effect may vary a lot. if the blogroll contain only few links (under 10 links, perhaps), then your blog will get big notice from the readers and better chances for others to put you on their blogroll too. but, if the blogroll have lots of links, your link will get less notice especially if it's sorted someway so your links is not in the top. the effect might be insignificant.


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