filtered dns for safer internet

before, i posted on other blogs about using hosts file to 'censor' phishing sites and websites with malware, etc.
now, i just reviewed 3 internet services to offer a live alternatives to hosts file, filtered dns server.

the first who started it (cmiiw) is
it offer only blocking phishing sites. similar to siteadvisor, in function. in their forum there're talks about 'censoring' other malware/badware sites too, in their future plan.
(i dont care about their 'smart' feature to correct misspelling, or other fancy feature)
service is currently 100% free.

then, there is, also accessible at
it block pornographic and malicious sites. the beta account allow you also block other site that you want to block. the account might be charged for a fee in the future.
i'd really like to see inside the beta...

third, selling the service per computer basis. i dont know how can they count how many computer i have inside my adsl router? like i always do, never pay for something you can get for free... :)

off course, like any other services, someone might suspect of their real intention. nothing in life is 'really' free.

what i really like is, i dont have to bother go to each and every computer to update hosts file to block those badware. they can help a lot in this.

what d'u think?