foolproof out-of-the-box security

i wrote once about why firewall can become useless in many computers.

very well illustrated by :

Vendor: "I can't see how you could say it failed when the user was given warning when he tried to execute the program"

Gizmo: "Yes, but all the warning said was that a new program was starting. The user knew that; he was trying to run a game. There was nothing suspicious."

Vendor: "But he was warned and he could have stopped it"

Gizmo: "Well how would he know that? To him it was just a game"

Vendor: "He was warned. What more can I say?"

Gizmo (Exasperated) "But it wasn't even a real warning, it just said a new program was trying to start. Of course it was - he was trying to run a game."

Vendor: "My product can't be expected to defend people who are too stupid to take notice of the warnings the software gives them"

I kid you not. Needless to say the conversation ended on less than friendly terms.

and now, we have the foolproof technology to protect users from malware. even if it can infect your computer, it will have very limited access to your computer, thus, might not be very harmful.
the software using HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention System) and Sandbox technology. both programs will allow you run any other apps without too much popup asking you what to do each time you start a new program, like any other personal firewall on the market today.

from all those tested products, it showed that DefenseWall and CyberHawk are the HIPS programs you should choose. and GreenBorder, SandBoxIe and BufferZone are the choices for Sandboxing apps.

i see sandboxie is very attractive in price (free! can you beat that!), size and performance. and also DefenseWall, except for its price tag :)
if you cant afford DefenseWall, use CyberHawk instead. but CyberHawk seems to slowed down my windows and sometimes using almost 100% cpu

which one you use? how well they perform?