indonesian can receive money from paypal

now! indonesian can receive fund using paypal.

it require you to verify your real identity by giving your credit card details. then you must authorize paypal to charge you $1.5. then you will need to enter 4-digit Expanded Use Number from your credit card statement to verify that you are real with real address and real credit card.

then after that (supposedly) you can receive money using your paypal account.

i still waiting for my 4-digit Expanded Use Number in next month credit card statement.
better wait for the 4-digit 'magic number' to confirm if this is for real.

nope. that 4-digit 'junk' do not allow me to receive money. wonder why the web offer me this when i choose to receive money. may be a bug in their web? coz they're setting up new websites (that you see now)
still wonder if the business account let us receive money???

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Anonymous said…
Can you receive money with ur Paypal Indonesia now? Thanks