new lycos tripod service

lycos tripod (uk, at least) offer 1GB webspace complete with php 5, plus 10MB mysql database. this quite strange though. usually we store our web in database more than the webspace itself. so now we have to store everything in file so that we wont run out of database storage...

and that space is not counting the email space offered by jubii beta.

We offer the first million beta members 10GB of storage, after this we offer a standard 4 GB. This is a combination of your communication and media storage.

nb. jubii is much more than just email (like yahoo/gmail/hotmail/etc.) it's also a storage (like xdrive?) that allow you upload anything to it.

any better webspace offer with php+mysql on a reliable host (that do not disappear with your files after few months...) ???

see my test web on lycos tripod:

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