what is your urge to buy a new computer?

cant remember when the last time i bought a new computer. it was the latest technology when i bought it. it's celeron 800mhz which i still use till now. since then, i never (want) to buy any new computer. either it be laptop or desktop or even servers, i use 'old' refurbished computers.

now, all my computers are either pentium II or pentium III or celeron the most 'powerful'. i have one celeron on my laptop, pentium 3 on another laptop. 2 desktops with p2 inside. 1 mail server with p3 and another firewall/router/proxy using p3 also. and all the computers fully satisfy all my needs.

ooh... i forgot i just bought another refurbished p4 hyperthreading computer which i used at this very moment. it's only 2.8ghz and 512meg ddr1 ram. and i put latest centos 5.1 in it plus openvz plus virtualbox. now, almost everything is in this box. and coz too many servers i put into this box, it seem a bit slower, especially with it's only 512meg ram.

this. is my urge to get a new computer. coz i want to put dozens of servers (virtual machines) into this one box. i want my firewall/router/proxy in it. then a zimbra collaboration server. then web hosting platform, (maybe lxadmin hostinabox?). and maybe another dozens of other servers i can put into it.

for future-proof, the computer should be 64bit processor with virtualization technology. either intel multicore 64bit or amd64 athlon x2. we dont need server class platform (like xeon or opteron). nowadays, the desktop class processor already too fast for desktop causing programmers developing huge bloated apps like vista, openoffice and firefox. but for my servers, each servers can run nicely on p2-p3 with 256meg ram. so a desktop class multicore 64bit virtualization processors should be enough to run at least a dozen servers in it. (my server only serving 50+ users. no high load servers here.)

like the celeron that i still use, this new computer should last at least ten years and should only retire after/when it's dead. :) that's how i use my stuffs. my cellulars, my tv, my computers, all used up till the very end of their life!

so. what's your urge to purchase a new computer?

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