Paypal Storefront Facebook & Myspace Widget

it's quite some times already that Paypal launches Storefront Widget. however i just found out that recently. so i create a widgetbox and clearspring widget out of it so that i can easily put it anywhere i want to.
today, i convert Paypal Storefront Widget as Facebook Apps so now everyone can start selling on Facebook.

it's up to you, you like the simple paypal shopping cart or this more advanced storefront widget. both available as facebook apps.

first, build the widget then click the 'get & share' button and start selling now!

update: paypal asked to make it clear, so i will:
  • it's mostly only like a wrapper to the paypal original widget. so, if the paypal original widget works, this should also works without problem.
  • the widget is hosted on widgetbox. so i dont collect any info about you. i can not tell what store_id you use, your paypal email, etc... i can only see a global stats like how many time it's used, etc...
  • this widget is made by me. so, if it works or not you can contact me. dont ask paypal for the support. tnx.
update: it's now myspace compatible!
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ninaealvarez said…
Thank you for making this Facebook Paypal Labs widget. I've been trying to make it work in FBML for a month. You rock.