howto easily configure X display

i just installed ubuntu hardy on an old 400mhz computer with 192meg ram. i setup ubuntu minimal desktop on this old computer.
it took more than 1 hour downloading few hundreds megs packages with 1mbps internet link and another 1 hour unpacking and installing almost 600 packages. and after all that, i can not startx!

tried 'sudo X -configure' then 'sudo cp ~/ /etc/X11/xorg.conf' and still X wont start.
it's and old sis vga with 4 meg ram.

here's a trick to configure X.
sudo aptitude install gdm
what!? what gdm have to do with configuring X!?

this is ubuntu. meaning they do all they can to make it easy for n00b:)

when ubuntu try start gdm and fail, it keep trying with different configuration. after too many fails, it give a low-res X. something like windows safe-mode. then you have option to configure your display or just continue using low-res mode.

off course, you should first try to configure X. just select your vga card from the list and do the test to see if it works.

it works for me. i just select my vga type and everything works out ok.

well. another day saved by ubuntu...

how do you configure your X when other things fail?
comment and share your experiences...

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