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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Google Chrome on Ubuntu Hardy

thanks for stumpleupon on this.
ref: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=13635

first, get latest wine:

# use wine repo by inserting this into /etc/apt/sources.list
deb http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt hardy main
# then do
# sudo aptitude update
# sudo aptitude install wine
# or, if you got wine already installed:
# sudo aptitude safe-upgrade

then, do some winetricks to prepare for chrome:

rm winetricks
wget http://www.kegel.com/wine/winetricks
sh winetricks msxml3 corefonts firefox flash winxp

now, install it:

wget http://gpdl.google.com/chrome/install/172.37/chrome_installer.exe
wine chrome_installer.exe

installed. now run it:

wine "$HOME/.wine/drive_c/windows/profiles/$USER/Local Settings/Application Data/Google/Chrome/Application/chrome.exe" --no-sandbox --new-http

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