install latest cherokee webserver without compiling

one thing i hate when i need the latest version apps and it's not in official repo is compiling.
actually, it's ok doing compilation on your desktop pc. you can have all the build-essential installed and have all your cpu, ram and perhaps time to compile everything and all will run just fine.

if you're on a budget vps with very limited ram and cpu, you need every single bit of them to serve what your vps was supposed to serve. though installing build-essential wont waste any ram/cpu when it's not compiling, but every security expert will tell you not to install these on production server.

off course...
we can install it, do the compilation and then remove it.

compile on your desktop. (possibly packages them as .deb) then upload to your vps.

i'm lazy.

here's how i do it on my debian lenny...

i get all the fastest free web server packages from debian sid. which is the latest released version of cherokee webserver. and that's including libpcre3 and all needed dependencies (libcherokee-*) that's not in lenny yet.

then, install each and every .deb dependencies packages that i download from pool.

and, finally...
to make thing easier, i do:
sudo gdebi cherokee_0.11.6-1_amd64.deb
so that all other dependencies can be easily satisfied from lenny.

that's it.
i got cherokee installed. no compiling required.

btw. did you know that cherokee got a pretty neat ajax gui for simple server management?

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