localepurge to Automagically remove unnecessary locale data

this very easy and simple trick can save you few hundreds megs of spaces.

if you like me, still make use of old legacy computers hardware, like the old 4gigs harddrives with debian or  ubuntu minimal desktop, few hundreds megs spaces is very precious.

each and every apps/packages that you installed on your system do have lots of unused locales that is not the language you understand or use daily. these locales data is installed by default and can takes up to few hundreds megs of spaces, depends on what/which apps/packages you installed.

so why would we let these useless data in our system? we do not need them. let's just purge them:

sudo aptitude install localepurge

that's it. one single line to install localepurge. nothing you need to do. just let it be and it will 'Automagically remove unnecessary locale data' whenever you install new apps/packages without your intervention.
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