install grub4dos, make usb bootable from windows

actually this already posted a lot and easily found if you google.
yet, it seem not so obvious that everyone keep asking about this...

so, i try to give extreme short guide to make usb bootable by installing grub4dos from windows (NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista). i just assume those who use linux already knows about grub and grub4dos or at least they can google...

  1. make sure you login as administrator and you only have ONE single usb flashdrive plugged in to avoid any possible mistake. make sure you have backup of any valuable data on another computer
  2. download latest grub4dos here: and extract to your usb flashdrive
  3. copy the extracted grldr and menu.lst to your usb flashdrive
  4. download grubutil for windows then extract all and run grubinst_gui.exe
  5. Select from the menu 'Disk' and click 'Disk Refresh' then choose your usb device.
  6. Select 'Part List Refresh' and choose 'Whole Disk (MBR)'
  7. Click 'Install'
  8. Done.
grub4dos is now installed on your usb and your flashdrive is now bootable. close all apps and reboot to test your now bootable usb flashdisk.

in case any problem, here's troubleshooting:
  • make sure your pc and bios support booting from usb
  • some bios let you choose where to boot from by pressing F12
  • or enter your bios option and make usb-hdd as first boot option
  • make sure you setup the menu.lst accordingly to boot any os you want.

update: fixed, c:\  should be your usb flashdrive
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tips & tricks on computers and gadgets
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Sims said…
Some days ago i wanted to make windows xp bottable with my 4 gb usb stick but i failed. Then tried with a third party software and got success.