12+ linux docking launch bar

it seem like a docking launch bar that really catchy for everyone started by apple osx.
since then, everybody want it...

there're lots of launch bar for linux. not only 5 or even 10.
1. Avant Window Navigator

2. ksmoothdock

3. cairo dock

4. kooldock

5. kiba dock

6. engage 

7. menu bar

8. xqde

9. tuxbar

10. simdock; it's fast & simple. doesnt require xgl

11. wbar; another fast & simple dock.
12? kxdocker; discontinued. replaced by xqde.
13? gnome-dock; another dead one.
14. fbpanel; not purely launchbar, but can be configured to look like osx

    too bad, none that i know of have menu launcher and easy gui configuration.

    which one you use?

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