openSuse + Koffice2 + OOo3 + Kontact PIM = Office Konnect Linux

looking for the perfect linux desktop for office use?
so did i.

lucky me, i have access to susestudio. that allow me easily customize openSuse as i like it.

so far, i built openSuse lxde livecd, which is the linux minimal desktop that only have lxde and firefox. this one i use for most every computer i can put it on. then, add up apps that i need.
then from this, i made up kidSuse. the linux for kids. this is the one my kids (from 2yrs to 6yrs) are playing and learning with, everyday.

but i still missing something...
for office use, i can start with minimal desktop. but there's too much to add and when the internet slowing down, it could takes hours downloading all the packages...

so here's the Office Konnect distro for my own use. or if it suite you, it's free to take.

what's inside? the latest (preferred, stable) version of these apps:
  • Koffice
  • Kontact (KDE PIM) and all its components
  • konqueror, kopete, okular, k3b, kde-utils, etc
  • wine
well, because there're so many kde apps, i just use the kde desktop instead of other lightweight options.

that's all i can think of for my office use.
anything missing? critics, comments, suggestions are all welcome.
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