park and monetize idle domains

so you just registered a great domain name and have not (yet) any plan what to do with it.
what you do?

most people just do nothing and let their registrar make money by showing ads on their unused properties.

now you can take control of your own idle domain names. setup your own parked pages or redirect to parking services that can make yourself few buck even it's unused. you can even set it up for sales if you like...

i'll recommend one parking service if you have not got one yet: park or sell your domain names
yes that have my affiliate code.

well, if you only have a dozen domain or less, that's not too hard to maintain. just add your domain to your parking service and it's done.
but if you have more... it will takes a lot of time to add each and every domain you have to the parking service.

now, this is how i make it easy to add hundreds or even thousands of your domain name into parking service without you have to manually input them...

first, register to park or sell your domain names because they have great api that we need.

second, setup nsd name servers on your vps. why nsd? it slimmer, lighter, faster than bind and wont slow down your vps. here's i set it on debian:
aptitude install nsd3

third, configure nsd and setup php redirect script

replace the 'lid=' with your own code.

fourth, setup all your idle domains to use your new dns server. or, you can just point it to your php script.

that's it. now all your idle domains will be redirected to the parking service which will give you (not your registrar) few buck per month per domain without you need to set it up manually.

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