the making of opensuse lxde livecd

by request of users and FameWolf that tiredlessly gives positive feedbacks, here i present the making of my opensuse lxde livecd.

well... actually i dont see much to show...
anyway, here goes...

  1. Create new appliance...
  2. Choose ´Minimal X´
  3. gives it cool name.
  4. add repos. the only one required is lxde repo.
  5. add packages. (see screenshot)
  6. tune configurations
  7. paste this into scripts
chkconfig --add boot.compcache
chkconfig boot.compcache on

yast2 sysconfig set DEFAULT_WM="startlxde"
yast2 sysconfig set DEFAULT_GUI="GTK"
yast2 sysconfig set DISPLAYMANAGER="slim"
yast2 sysconfig set DEFAULT_WM="startlxde"

echo 'default_user  polaris' >> /etc/slim.conf
#echo 'auto_login    yes' >> /etc/slim.conf
echo 'sessions startlxde,icewm' >> /etc/slim.conf
echo 'exec startlxde' >> /home/polaris/.xinitrc

usermod -G audio,video,floppy,cdrom,disk,dialout,modem,games,lp,pmount polaris

echo 'text/x-suse-ymu;/sbin/OneClickInstallUI' >> /etc/mailcap
echo 'text/x-suse-ymp;/sbin/OneClickInstallUI' >> /etc/mailcap

the scripts used to works on ´Run script at the end of the build´ section. now it wont works. so i duplicate it to first boot section.

that´s all it!

you can make your own distro or just download the ready to boot opensuse lxde livecd.

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