light simple compiz alternative composite window manager

happy new year! wish you all blessed and peace!

introducing xcompmgr - sample X compositing manager.
xcompmgr is a sample compositing manager for X servers supporting XFIXES, DAMAGE, and COMPOSITE extensions. It enables basic eye-effects.

imho, this is very hidden 'treasure' of linux freedesktop xapps.

it's not much know or used. but once i try it, i like it a lot!

well, maybe it's not comparable to compiz (fusion). it's not that feature full. and most important (for me) it's not that heavy weight compositing champion.
i can just run compiz, gnome/kde and all the glory on my Turion II laptop. but i rather let all resources goes to kvm to use/run/test other linux/win/solaris/firewall/servers/etc.
so, i try to keep bare minimal fancy X stuffs on my system. i use fedora lxde spins in this lappy.

i like compiz. but as i said, it's overkill for me. and i need all the resource i can get for kvm. so looks around to find the alternatives. xfce is the well known lightest desktop with compositing.

not anymore...
now with xcompmgr, you can use whatever your favourite lightweight window manager and still can have cool compositing desktop.
tested with fluxbox, awesome2, fvm2, and openbox (with lxde). all works good. it's very light, fast and use very low ram and cpu.

to test it, just install xcompmgr and run it inside X. if you like it, you can put it into autostart so that it start everytime X starts.

xcompmgr -c -f -F &
man xcompmgr

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anonymous said…
Actually, if you have not seen E17 + ecomorph is comparable in this category with better effects.  The only issue is that it will not run on FreeBSD (to my knowledge).