antivirus for grml / debian / ubuntu linux / LiveCD

yeah i never use antivirus for my linux desktop.

but i always carry grml in my usb flash to clean up friends/family's dusty, infected windows. i used to use puppy linux with antivirus for this. but i'm tired keep downloading and reinstalling stuffs. with grml, all i need is aptitude upgrade to get the latest updated version.

there are many good antivirus for linux. the ones i choose are f-prot and avast. the main reason i choose these are for their size. others antivirus usually at least twice as large.

for f-prot, i also use xfprot for the gui.

xfprot + fprot installation:
#get .deb packages from
sudo gdebi xfprot_2.0-1_lenny_hardy_i386.deb
sudo tar zxvf fp-Linux-i686-ws.tar.gz -C /opt
cd /opt/f-prot
sudo ./
#accept all defaults and installed

avast installation even easier:
sudo gdebi  avast4workstation_1.3.0-2_i386.deb

that's all i need and enough for me.
in case it's not enough for you, there are many other options:

clamav + gui

sudo aptitude install clamtk

# download latest from
sudo gdebi avg75fld-r51-a1243.i386.deb


avira see

panda antivirus, see

i put them on grml usb installation.
but... if you want instant solution, you can download, burn and use antivirus livecd from these vendors:
oot. windows based:
so... it's all up to you.
download and burn another cd everytime you need them?
or install it to usb flash drive and update them when needed....

which path you take...???

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