boot .iso image file on usb / hdd with grub4dos

nowadays, there're too much livecd you can choose from. everyone have their own favorite livecd. mine, was puppy, now grml.

the easiest way to use livecd is to burn it and reboot your computer with it.
or, you can also run it on emulator like qemu, virtualbox, vmware, etc...
then, you can also do 'frugal install' by copying the .iso file content to usb/hdd and boot it from there. this works best with linux livecd.

now... this is another way to boot your .iso livecd. especially works best with non-linux livecd. use grub4dos to boot directly from the .iso file without burn any cd. works with bartpe .iso too.

here's the steps:
  • install grub4dos to usb/hdd
  • copy the .iso image file to usb/hdd
  • add to menu.lst as follow:
# replace title, folder and filename with your own
title windowspe livecd
map (hd0,0)/windowspe/bartpe.iso (hd33)
map --hook
chainloader (hd33)

that's it. reboot your usb/hdd and you can now boot your livecd from it.
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