Review New Yahoo Go 2 beta.

Despite the contact sync problem, I love the old Yahoo Go apps.

So, i get the latest beta and install it. Lucky me I dont need to remove my current version to have this beta runs.

The bad.
What's new junk:
- large graphics ads
- navigation menu graphics too big
- only half screen contain real usefull content
- painfully slow, maybe because it's java
- from startup welcome screen to usable apps menu takes about 30seconds on n6630
- need at least 6 meg free ram to start
- with almost 7meg free ram still unable to run screensnap to take screenshot
- all the sport, finance, news, photo that you do not need (yet) gets downloaded eat up too much bytes that counted to your bill
- search, email, and almost everything elses is slow. Much slower than old ygo. Almost unusable.

the ugly.
all my most favorite features, the top reason i use ygo is now gone

good stuffs removed from old version:
- no more sync. no contact, no calendar, and no task sync
- offline email archives. If you want to read mail, you need to get connected
- yahoo photo replaced by flickr

the good.
Well... One good thing is that it didnt replace the great old ygo i have.

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i cant see anything usefull. At least not for me.

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Anonymous said…
IMHO, the current beta version is targeted to North American market. That's why you may find some information are useless, e.g. news, weather, stocks, etc.
I guess Yahoo! will release localized version of Yahoo! Go with more local contents in the future. said…
you can have local news(kompas,antara,or any rss feed), local weather (jakarta,etc), or local stock (jsx,etc...)

still. i dont want any of those content loaded before i need it.

sometimes, i just want to read mail and then out. when i get in to read mail, it also download all those 'junk' that i do not read.

sometimes, i just want to see weather, but it also download my mail, news, etc...

that IS the problem.
Anonymous said…
Aha... I downloaded Yahoo! Go from North America; that's why I have all North American contents... :(

Btw, how do you fetch news from Kompas? They don't support RSS/Atom, do they?

About fetching all the contents automatically, I agree this is still expensive for users who don't have WiFi or flat-rate data plan. There should be an option to disable that. You can send your feed back to Yahoo! Go team and hope that they will implement this in the final version... :) said…
kompas have rss feed:

i rather suggesting stop developing current ygo 2 beta. and start improving the old ygo for better sync features and to also sync notes, bookmark, etc...
that would be the real ygo, for me.

the ygo 2 beta, imho, is just a customized web browser. most of what it does better than a browser like opera/mini do. said…
sorry mistyped. what i mean, mostly opera can do better job with most of ygo2 beta features
Captain USpace said…
Very good stuff...

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Anonymous said…
i want yahoo go but i want messenger .......... i have see'it on nokia n73 and is cool ! like the pc version :D said…
the old ygo also have ym. or, you could try verichat.
Kopo Bandung said…