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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

install ubuntu apps on debian

there are some apps available on ubuntu repo but not in debian repo.
but ubuntu is based on debian. so i think.... i can just download the packages from ubuntu and install it on debian.
here's how i do it...

first, install gdebi for easier .deb packages installation:
sudo aptitude install gdebi

then, search the packages you want. example, i want to install pyneighborhood, so i open this link:
make sure your debian have correct dependencies. example, pyneighborhood from intrepid depends on smbclient >= 3.0.22. let's check smbclient on debian:
so, it's 3.2.4 which is >= 3.0.22. that's mean we have all required dependencies.
now, let's download the packages from the nearest mirror:
or you can also swim in to the pool:
after it's download, just open a terminal to install it:
sudo gdebi pyneighborhood_0.4-0ubuntu5_all.deb
this will also download all its dependencies if it's not yet installed.

that's it. the ubuntu package is now installed in debian.

now, i like to know what ubuntu apps that you missed the most and not yet available on debian? post your voice!
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