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Saturday, December 26, 2009

yum remove all dependencies

playing with fedora these few days.

yum is great with it's delta package system. which only download changed file instead of the whole package.

one thing i dont like is that yum do not know what dependencies have been installed and should be removed.

debian aptitude works out of the box.
and we can add --auto-orphans to mandriva urpme

some people suggest 'package-cleanup --leaves' to list leaf node (package that no other package depends on).

i try that, and it list libvirt which is needed by virt-manager. so i cant fully trust that.

more googling i found yum plugin remove with leaves package.

su -c 'yum install yum-plugin-remove-with-leaves'
yum remove --remove-leaves package-tobe-removed

still need to test this

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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

the making of opensuse lxde livecd

by request of users and FameWolf that tiredlessly gives positive feedbacks, here i present the making of my opensuse lxde livecd.

well... actually i dont see much to show...
anyway, here goes...

  1. Create new appliance...
  2. Choose ´Minimal X´
  3. gives it cool name.
  4. add repos. the only one required is lxde repo.
  5. add packages. (see screenshot)
  6. tune configurations
  7. paste this into scripts
chkconfig --add boot.compcache
chkconfig boot.compcache on

yast2 sysconfig set DEFAULT_WM="startlxde"
yast2 sysconfig set DEFAULT_GUI="GTK"
yast2 sysconfig set DISPLAYMANAGER="slim"
yast2 sysconfig set DEFAULT_WM="startlxde"

echo 'default_user  polaris' >> /etc/slim.conf
#echo 'auto_login    yes' >> /etc/slim.conf
echo 'sessions startlxde,icewm' >> /etc/slim.conf
echo 'exec startlxde' >> /home/polaris/.xinitrc

usermod -G audio,video,floppy,cdrom,disk,dialout,modem,games,lp,pmount polaris

echo 'text/x-suse-ymu;/sbin/OneClickInstallUI' >> /etc/mailcap
echo 'text/x-suse-ymp;/sbin/OneClickInstallUI' >> /etc/mailcap

the scripts used to works on ´Run script at the end of the build´ section. now it wont works. so i duplicate it to first boot section.

that´s all it!

you can make your own distro or just download the ready to boot opensuse lxde livecd.

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denny on IT ; let's doIT
documenting the brain