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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Launching Indonesian Blog Search Engine

just created indonesian blog search engine powered by google. please contribute by adding your blogs and your friends' and any other indonesian blog you know. you can also add this search engine to your personal google page. or, add the widget to your BlogSpot with less than 3 mouse click, without even touching your keyboard.

try it, click on 'Add This to Your BlogSpot' button on the sidebar now!

update: now on http://indosearch.googlepages.com/
and include health info search and news & media search

update: case [#86438393] can not add/see more than 20 contributors.

pasang search engine ini di blog anda!

Friday, November 24, 2006

the blogged snowball effect

most of us know about slashdot effect when a website being /.ed, dugg or farked. but most all of this are short spike that happen only for few days if not hours.

if you want to have lots of regular visitors to your site, you have to be /.ed every week or so... that is quite impossible mission to one man blogger or even for a dozens of good journalist team.

or, the other options is to be 'blogged' or 'blogrolled' by well known blogger.
  • blogged
when some well known bloggers have link to you in their blog posts, this will create some 'snowball effect' when other bloggers who usually read well known blogger to also link to you. unlike spike caused by slashdotted, this effect usually last longer than few days. sometimes, this effect is still rolling after few months after the first blog link to you.
  • blogrolled
when some well known bloggers link to you in their bloggroll. the effect may vary a lot. if the blogroll contain only few links (under 10 links, perhaps), then your blog will get big notice from the readers and better chances for others to put you on their blogroll too. but, if the blogroll have lots of links, your link will get less notice especially if it's sorted someway so your links is not in the top. the effect might be insignificant.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

google pages creator new features and new problems

google just launch new features for google pages creator. it's supposed to make our live easier so that even dummies can create their own webpages.

so, i go to my page manager to see what can i do with these new features and found yet another google problems... all my pages disappear! actually my pages still there, but (somehow) the page manager do not show them.

then, by chance, i refresh the browser and all my pages are there! weird...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Linksys Yahoo Messenger Voip Phone

Linksys just released a voip phone that works with yahoo messenger with voice.

it'll be much better if...
  • have a utp port to plug directly into adsl modem
  • works without computer
  • sip compatible
  • a full qwerty keyboard so we can type too...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

error 500 on blogspot

just trying access some blog on blogspot and found many of them give me error 500. so i check blogger status and found out it's problem on their server. but blogger beta blogs are not affected.

Monday, November 13, 2006

google mail five new features

from those five new features, what i like most is forward all conversation instead of one mail. second is, send offline messages to gtalk friends. third is, actually not to new and i already used it, it's gmail apps on my mobile phone.

wordpress mu vs lifetype

this is based on my experience setting up gobloglah.com to offer free blog hosting to users. here's some features compared:
  • first and most important (for me) is spam protection. my lifetype installation killed by spam because i cannot globbally enable spam protection for all user. while, most users care nothing more than blogging and do not know how to protect themselves from spam comment. with wpmu, you can globally enable spam protection for all users at once. so no worry about users forget or dont know how to enable spam protection.
  • installation of wpmu takes less than 1 minute. simple and straight forward. everything works out of the box. even subdomain for each blog and nice SEO url enabled by default. i installed lifetype at least 10 minutes messing up with config files and not to count messing up .htaccess which take quite some tweak to make subdomain works.
  • plugins. as with spam protection plugins, in lifetype, most other plugins must be setup in per user bases. in wpmu, you can setup plugins for all users at once. and wordpress already have dozens of great plugins and many of them works flawlessly on wpmu
  • users' own domain. wpmu allow users to have their blog in their own domain name. it's not yet officially released as wpmu plugin, but i bet they will, in near future.
  • front page. wpmu default frontpage only display latest site news from admin and latest updated blog. lifetype default can let you see latest post, most active, etc... off course you can tweak wpmu to do that, but it takes more work.
  • ping. lifetype allow you setup where to ping for updated blog.
  • pingback & trackback in wpmu is all automatic.
  • delayed post. schedule when you want your post to be published.
  • interface. most users already familiar with wp interface. it takes me sometimes to get used to lifetype dashboard. and many past users in lifetype have trouble posting blog after they're registered.
  • it is possible to import your old blog to wpmu.
  • export your links in OPML

Friday, November 03, 2006

feedtree: p2p for rss feed

feedtree is somewhat like p2p for your rss feed. currently, each and everyone that subscribe to your feed will make a request to your host/server. one hundred subscribers, mean 100 request. that's eat up a lot of expensive resources (bandwidth & cpu of your server) which in turn you will have to pay higher to host your web/blog.

just like p2p apps that have no central server to distribute files/audio/video, feedtree will distribute your feed between all feedtree users. this mean, save bandwidth and thus save your money. also, this will speed up feed delivery to your subscribers. once a subscriber get your updated feed, all other subscriber get updated too. kind like 'push' rss feed.

feedtree works as a proxy server sitting between your rss reader and the internet. so, you can still use your favorite rss reader, you dont have to worry learning / using yet another rss reader.

Google gmail application for mobile

Fri 03/11/2006 09:50 Scr000051 Google just launched an application to access your gmail from your mobile phone. To install it, go to gmail.com/app and from your mobile phone.

still waiting for more apps make it like yahoo go, sync all my info into my online account.

read a review in Indonesian

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

manage tags on blogger beta

now, you can easily manage labels / tags on blogger beta. just go to your dashboard, choose 'edit posts' and you can see all your posts with their assign tags. you can add tags to multiple posts in one click. cool heh...